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Covid-19 Customer Notice:


To Our TintBoyz Customers: Like You, we have spent the last several weeks learning about coronavirus COVID-19 and how it is impacting our state, our nation and our world. Since 2001, prioritizing our customers and technicians has been at the heart of what we do, and it is this TintBoyz Core Value that continues to guide our actions in addressing this challenging new threat. We want you to know that we have taken immediate steps to keep you and our technicians safe. We are closely following the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidlines and recommendations on the steps we should take to help prevent the spread of this virus. We shared specific CDC instructions with our employees on the importantance of frequent handwashing, avoiding contact with eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

1.) We are taking care to sanitize all vehicle steering wheels, shifters, door handles, and vehicle key fobs.
2.) We will stay Open until ordered to Close.
3.) We are now ONLY WORKING BY APPOINTMENT DROP-OFFS. Which means exactly That Is , Call For An Appointment and then DROP your vehicle Off and We Will Call You When It is ready for Pick-up.
4.) There Will Be NO MORE Customer Waiting At This Time, Until the Virus Threat Is Over. 
5.) Thanks for Understanding During These Difficult Times.

how it is impacting our state, our nation and our world. Since 001, prioritizing our customers and employees has been at 

 Authorized Dealer for SunTek Window Films
We are A Certified  SunTek Installation Center 

A Name Brand Product by Commonwealth Laminating

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Real Lifetime Warranty

Tint Boyz Window Tinting is committed to installation excellence and using high quality SunTek window film products. That's why every automotive film installation comes with a Strong Warranty against our films fading, turning purple, bubbling up or peeling for as long as you own the vehicle. 

   When it comes to providing world-class car tinting services, our expert providers work to impress. One of our friendly auto tint technicians will gladly assist you in selecting a film that’s most suited to your vehicle. SunTek carries an impressive array of car window tinting products suited to meet your needs.

We Offer The Following SunTek Film Lines:


Carbon Fiber CXP

Carbon Fiber

Hp Series Metalized

Stop In and Ask For A Demonstration On How Our Superior

 Window Film Products Will Keep The Heat Out!

Why Carbon Fiber or Ceramic Film and Not Metalized? 

  Customers are starting to get confused on the different films that we offer and what other shops offer, So lets try to explain this so you can have a better understanding what is going on. Lets take the Hp Metalized Film first, this film is composed of layers of metal for durability and to prevent any type of fading issues. We have been using this film since we have started and has a proven track record of not fading, a good scratch coating, very good bonding adhesive and is durable and reliable. Now comes the problem with the newer vehicles, they have more electronics and features than older vehicles, built in Navigation Systems, Tire Pressure Sensors, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, WI FI built in and so forth. The rear back window not only now has defroster lines in them but also the top 1/3 are antennas and that is where the metalized film can block the signals to the radio and sensors. Now comes Carbon Fiber Film, designed for the newer vehicles with these options. This film is designed with carbon fiber composites to maintain color stability and also is designed with signal enabling qualities. This film has a Non-Reflective "black" finish that will not fade. The HP Metalized is a "charcoal" finish and also comes in bronze and a light blue color. These films a both a quality product its just that the newer vehicles need the newer film. The way Carbon Fiber Film is composed is more of a costly process so we pay a lot more for this film, but to keep costs down for the customer we have broken down the amount of cars per roll and came up with only a $20.00 difference per vehicle and this formula seems to work. If you are calling around for quotes shops of our caliber are getting close to $229.00 for a 4 door vehicle for this film or a comparable product in a different line. Sure we don't make as much but we stay busy year round. 

Other Films Make Sure You Get What You Pay For!


    So your shopping around for tint pricing and then when you start asking questions if the film that the shop uses will cause interference with your vehicles systems signals, there answer could be no it will not cause interference and they will be correct on that because shops do carry lower grade films that are just made out of a dyed plastic and the dyed plastic film will not cause any problems with the signals, but that lower grade film is the film that does turn purple when it starts to break down from being in the sun, then comes the problem of optical clarity, when that film breaks down it starts to get blurry and starts to cause huge bubbles to appear on the rear window, just by driving around you have seen vehicles that have a purple color hue to the tint, that isn't the color of the tint that is the sun bleaching out the yellow dye in the film first and causing this. Don't be afraid to ask what grade of tint a shop is putting on your car, even ask for proof, look at the boxes of film they use closely. Some shops also use SunTek brand films but they also make lower quality products like the Standard Pro which is good for the car dealers to use to enhance a sale because they are selling the car anyways. Then there is Standard , which is cheap dyed plastic, a very thin made film all starting out with great color but 6 months later not so good. Then some shops use this stuff called "White Box" and passing it off as a carbon fiber film because that is not made of metal either but is manufactured in China and is basically worthless. There are other good films out there also and there are shops that do offer a good product and not play games, so don't be afraid to ask. When looking for a shop make sure they specialize in what they do, not a shop that does 25 different things and is hardly good at any of them.

  • We Support our Neighborhood and Our City

    We have been in this location a long time, and we are a busy shop, most customers know that it takes a week to get in here for an appointment during the busier months, but we Pay It Forward. This last year and previous years we donate to the OPERATION IMPACT PROGRAM, started by Alderman Bob Donovan this program accepts donations from local business and the money is used to put more police officers on the street, walking beats, riding bikes, and they are put into areas that normally don't seen a lot of police presence. This last Thanksgiving we gave many families $60.00 gift cards to Pick N Save so that the less fortunate people could have a decent Thanksgiving dinner, Some were chosen by the Alderman, some were chosen the 2nd district police station, and some I picked out of the Facebook Milwaukee Southsiders Page. We will continue to keep on Supporting Our Community!

    Thank You for Supporting Us

    We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2nd District Milwaukee Police Department 3 KINGS EVENT that was held at the new school on 6th and Harrison on Jan. 6th 2018. This was an excellent event for the children and we will continue to sponsor events like this in the future. 

  • Window Tinting Pricing
  • Hp Metalized Films For Most Vehicles below 2010

    Most 2 Door Cars   $159.95 HP  

    Most 4 Door Cars   $169.95 HP 
    Tint 2 Front S.U.V. or Truck Windows  $70.00 with 1/4 Glass $90.00 HP 
    Most Station Wagons  $179.95 HP 
    S.U.V. Complete  $189.95 HP 
    Most Sunroofs Or Moonroofs $45.00
    Pickup Trucks Starting at $159.95 HP

    Carbon Fiber Films For Most Vehicles after 2010 

    We Recommend Carbon Fiber for any of the lastest Vehicles Now:

    The Reason behind this film is that is constructed out of Carbon Fiber strands for color stability, it will not obstruct the signals that are generated by the tire pressure sensors , Sirius radio , On Star, WiFi, Navigation Systems and this film also has signal enabling technology. On most new vehicles the top 3rd of the back window is antennas and these normally get confused as defroster lines. Please note: If you decide not to use this film and decide to use the HP Metal Film and any lights come on the dash for low tire, am radio doesn't work etc. it is on you and there will be an additional cost to strip and remove the film and replace with the proper film.

    Most 2 Door Cars $169.95 CARBON FIBER FILM
    Most 4 Door Cars $179.95 CARBON FIBER FILM
    Tint 2 Front S.U.V. or Truck Windows $70.00 with 1/4 Glass $80.00  CARBON FIBER FILM
    S.U.V. Complete $189.95 CARBON FIBER FILM
    Most Sunroofs Or Moonroofs $45.00 
    Pickup Trucks Starting at $159.95

    Window Films have increased by 20% this year,
    We will strive to give you these prices for as long as we can.

    Strip Tint and Remove Glue.  Starting at $100.00 any vehicle , after 1 hour and if the film is an issue to remove then the hourly price is $45.00 per hour after the first hour. This only happens with films that are of low grade quality, similar to what some stereo shops use, when you get "that deal" price, The back windows are completely bubbled up and the old tint will rip off in little pieces.



    Monday to Saturday  10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Sunday  : Closed during our Remodel.


    Due To The Volume Of Customers Please Call For An Appointment.

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